Courses and Projects

The people of our team are involved in teaching a wide range of subjects. Among other things, we guarantee specialization for bachelor and post-graduate studies. We will be happy to carry out a thesis on our specialization – mobile application development, AR&VR, location-based services, GIS, etc. We try to lead a thesis for all students who are attending our courses and specializations. Every year, we also search for students with excellent results who are interested in working beyond their duties on our projects.

We are also ready to a lead thesis in the field of social sciences, including economics, population migration, climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, economic geography, etc. If you are interested in these topics please feel free to contact dr. Stojanov.

Mobile Applications and Maps

This bachelor’s degree specialization is for people who want to learn how to create maps, analyze spatial data, design locational services, and mobile applications at all. Our goal is to make you a developer who is able to take spatial data, think about it, analyze what brings us the information. To do this, design a web or mobile service. Practical professionals participate in our courses. So you will learn what is really needed.

Geographic Information Systems

This course is the basis for any further work with maps or spatial analytics. They will teach you about data sources, field measurements, mapping software, basics of cartography, and everything around GIS.

Mobile Applications for iOS

The mobile market is constantly growing. The demand for mobile application programmers is huge. In this course you will learn the basics of programming for iOS including how to do map and localization applications.

Social and Economic Applications of GIS

Here you will focus on data processing. It is said that more than 90% of the information has a spatial component that can significantly help in their analysis. Learn to analyze spatial data!

Mobile Applications for Android

This course is parallel to the iOS course. Therefore, similarly to iOS, you will learn the basics of Android app development, how to work with multimedia, maps, communicate over the network, etc.

Applied Computer Graphics

This master’s degree specialization focuses on creating user interfaces and advanced visualization. They will teach you to create high-quality 2D and 3D applications, new data visualization methods, and everything related to getting people to get the right information at the right time. The whole specialization focuses on creating web and mobile applications. In Advanced User Interfaces, you will learn how to design an application’s user interface. In Computer Graphics 2, learn how to implement it with Accelerated Graphics. Animation and geospatial space allow you to design your own Location Based Service. In the virtual reality lab, you can test where the user interface moves.

Advanced User Interfaces

You will learn how to identify what the user expects from the application and how to design a design that connects it. The course explains the basics of user interface creation and focuses mainly on desktop and mobile platform implementation.

Computer Graphics 2

You will learn to create 3D applications and games that use the GPU. You get to know everything that is related to making games and visualizations. Do you want to create your own game in OpenGL, WebGL or Unreal Engin for virtual or augmented reality?

Location Services

Course on location services. You will learn how to get a user’s location and how to process it into a specific application for the Android operating system. You will also learn how to retrieve information from different sources and then analyze and visualize them.

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Practical course linked to Advanced User Interfaces course. It starts where the previous course ends. It focuses on designing applications based on image processing, AR/VR.

Courses are just a starting point!

Teaching is just a start for us, not the end. If you have good results and are interested in these areas, do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible that we can find a joint project that we can involve you in. Check out the site about our research.

If you are interested in these areas beyond the scope of our training, we recommend visiting our GIS Hackathons. It’s an event for students, academics, business people, and anyone else interested in mobile technologies, GIS, visualization, user interfaces, and many other things related to themes. And maybe you will meet your future employer…