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Spatial Hub

We are an interdisciplinary team focused primarily on the analysis of people's behavior.
Our projects are diverse. We analyze the impact of environmental changes on the society;
we design user interfaces, mobile applications, and location services.
The purpose of our work is to get people right information at the right time.


For students

We teach a range of subjects from the basics of programming to virtual reality. Are you interested in doing final work or collaborating on projects?


For researchers

We live in turbulent times.  These are challenges that can bring us a huge leap forward if we grab them.


For companies

For companies we offer consultations on the design of user interfaces and the development of tailored, complex mobile applications.


For everyone

Spatial Hub is not just a team, it is also a laboratory or rather a co-working space. You can also use it.

Our Team

David focuses on user behavior analysis. He deals with the redesign of complex applications and the design of new solutions. He focuses on the innovative application such as location services or virtual and augmented reality. He likes to connect spatial analytics with UX and mobile technology. As part of a contractual research, he has created many mobile, web and desktop applications.

David Procházka 
Team Leader, UX, GIS
Research Gate, LinkedIn

Jaromir focuses on everything around geographic information technologies: mapping, spatial analytics, and mobile app development for Android. He is leading the Smart Faculty projects as well as developing a mobile application for Brno-North. He leads the study specialization focused on GIS and mobile technology for the bachelor degree.

Jaromír Landa
Mobile technologies, GIS

Robert focuses on the impacts of environmental change, including climate change on development, population migration, and population dynamics. He is a specialist in formulating research topics, theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as fieldwork and the interpretation of socio-economic data analyzes. Robert graduated from Brown University in the USA and the University of Agder in Norway. He is also studying at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy as Jean Monnet Fellow.

Robert Stojanov
Environmental and Population Geography, GIS
Research Gate, Stránky o výzkumu

Honza is our Java specialist. In our team, he is the leader in designing server services architecture, database architecture, and mobile app development for Android. 

Jan Kolomazník
Mobile and server technologies
Research Gate

Tom focuses on maintenance of systems and testing and designing their user interfaces. In his work, he manages both the software and the hardware needed for the smooth running of all running projects. Currently, he deals with automation systems for operating, monitoring and controlling hardware.

Tomáš Koubek
UX, operating systems, hardware
Research Gate

Ivo is our iOS developer. His specialty is network communication, synchronization and everything around. He also designs and develops web pages and applications from the primary school. He successfully implemented over 40 web and mobile projects.

Ivo Pisařovic
Web and mobile applications
Research Gate

Mikulas focuses on geographic information systems and their application into everyday applications, both from the technological and decision making point-of-view. He has experience with Android development and web applications. He is GNU/Linux and open-source fan.

Mikuláš Muroň
GIS, web and mobile technologies


Ústav informatiky
Provozně ekonomická fakulta
Mendelova univerzita v Brně
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61300 Brno