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This page contains just the most important papers and projects. Further conference proceedings papers, SCOPUS indexed articles and other results are on our  Research Gate page and information about events and other things on Facebook (in the Czech language) and on Instagram.

Research & Development Projects

2022-2025: WATERLINE Transforming Advanced Water Skilling through the Creation of a Network of Extended-Reality Water Emulative Centres (Horizon Europe: European Excellence Initiative (EEI) , European Commission) & PoVE Water – Platform of Vocational Education (Erasmus+, 101055851)

PoVE Water Scale-up aims to integrate vocational excellence in the water sector, ensuring high-quality skills and competences that lead to quality jobs and careers, meeting the needs of an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable economy. The project will build on the results of the Pilot PoVE Water and expand PoVE Water both geographically and overall quality. The project aims to be a worldwide point of reference for Vocational Education in the Water sector, embedding sustainability and digitalization in all of its activities.

Our goal in these projects is to develop a metaverse-based solution for remote collaboration and education using spatial data. This enables experts around the world to work together and teach using AR and VR. We focus especially on long term sustainability of the applications and easy end-user maintenance.

2021-2023: Pilot development of basic digital twin functions to improve production processes at NADOP (MPO, OPPIK, CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0 /20_324/0023587, NADOP).

The aim of the project is the transfer of essential information from the creation of a digital twin of the selected production nodes to the specific environment of the manufacturing company and the design of the adaptation of the software tools to the actual conditions, including the implications in the field of personnel. The main activity of the project will be the improvement of production processes through their digitalization by means of automated data collection. This will eliminate the human factor in the current method of data entry into the company’s control system, reduce errors and shorten production times. 

2021-2023: Research and development of an artificial intelligence software platform for the digital office (MPO, OPPIK, CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_321/0023606, Alvao).

2021-2022: Disaster recovery: System for managing recovery processes in crisis situations (TACR, STARFOS, VI04000038, in cooperation with CleverMaps).

The project is focused on the development of a modular cloud platform for data collection, evaluation and publication for effective management of situations such as pandemics or natural disasters. The main areas of research with defined deliverables will be the design of a multidimensional data model, a comprehensive data security solution, tools for ensuring data trust and processing, and a multidimensional matrix over a data warehouse for handling personal data in accordance with legislation according to the deployment location. The uniqueness will lie in the very concept of the solution, which can be made operational anywhere in the world in an extremely short time, embedded in third-party systems and linked to data sources of various nature, formats and origin. The impetus for its development came from the COVID-19 pandemic, in the context of which the “Smart Quarantine” solution was created.

2018-2022: Smart Migration in the Czech Republic (TACR, TL01000468, in cooperation with Metropolitan University Prague)

The project has two basic objectives. The first is to provide effective support to immigrants in the Czech Republic who find themselves in difficult personal situations through the development and testing of new mobile and web applications “Smart Migration” with personalized support for immigrants from the former Soviet Union and other countries who are dealing with serious problems during their stay in the Czech Republic. User-friendly applications should help them in complex life situations (e.g. job loss, illness, work injury), but also facilitate their integration in the Czech Republic.
The second objective of the project is the analysis of three key socio-demographic issues (migration current risks and challenges, policy coherence, the Canadian model of active migration policy), the results of which can be applied in the development of public policies, strategic materials, and other appropriate tools for their application.

2017-2020: Research and development of machine just-in-time production controlled by augmented reality technology (EU project, ERDF, CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_107/0012460, Média Efekt). In cooperation with AF MENDELU.

The subject of the project is the research and development of the use of augmented reality for the control of special high-precision engineering production. The work includes the development of control and display software and related HW in which virtual 3D objects are integrated into the real environment and in real time. The aim of the project is to develop a system that will enable a dramatic increase in production performance at the production level, significantly improving the speed and flexibility of decision making and production control.

COST Projects

2020-2024: COST Action CA19109 European network for Mediterranean cyclones in weather and climate (Robert Stojanov, investigator and delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee)

2017-2021: COST Action CA16233 Drylands Facing Change: Interdisciplinary Research on Climate Change, Food Insecurity, Political Instability (Robert Stojanov, investigator and delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee)

2017-2021: COST Action CA16111 International Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities’ Survey Data Network (Robert Stojanov, investigator and delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee)

2017-2021: COST Action CA16114 Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy (Robert Stojanov, investigator and delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee)

2017-2020: COST Action CA15217 Ocean Governance for Sustainability – challenges, options and the role of science (Robert Stojanov, investigator and delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee)

2015-2016: Current Migration to Europe: Research of Smart Population Dynamics (Robert Stojanov, leader of international consortium)

2014-2018: COST Action IS1309 Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects (INOGOV) (Robert Stojanov, investigator and substitute delegate of the Czech Republic in the Management Committee) 

Contracted Research

2020-2023: Design of a new generation of QI information system. QI GROUP corp

2020-2022: Data processing software. In cooperation with NLP Team.

2020-2023: Contracted research for development of the QI information system new generation. QI GROUP corp

2019-2020: Design of a new generation of QI information system. QI GROUP corp

2018-2020: Multicriterial Text Analysis Software. In cooperation with NLP Team.

2017-2019: Consultation on the principles and design of the new generation of the QI information system. QI GROUP corp

2017-2018: Pairing core research and EQS software development. In cooperation with NLP Team.

2017: Study of the implementation of the strategic management module in QI information system. QI GROUP corp

2017: Innovation of the QI system user interface design. QI GROUP corp

2015-2016: Prototype system for selecting suppliers based on user requirements. Cyrrus Advisory. In cooperation with NLP Team.

2016: Testing the EQS user interface and designing a new version of the interface. Cyrrus Advisory. In cooperation with NLP Team.

2015: Design and implementation of an augmented reality application for displaying historical data. Media4future

2015: Training and analysis of the user interface of the Geosense map portal.

2015: Development of a commercial mobile geographic information system for the Android platform. Envipartner. (Gisella mobile application).

2015: Expert study on the user interface of the QI information system. QI GROUP corp

Mendel University in Brno grants

2022-2023: Opportunities to use metaverse technology to support business processes

2019: Web services for the implementation of the “smart faculty”

2019: A prototype of conversational agent for document processing

2017-2019: Smart FBE: Smart Faculty (the result is My MENDELU mobile application)

2017-2018: The North Guide mobile application for the iOS and Android operating programs

2013: Increase of asset management efficiency through point cloud processing

2013: Moebius – virtual map server development

2012: Usage of augmented reality for marketing purposes

2011: Usage of augmented reality tools to streamline the production process

2010: Visualization of complex graphical data to support the decision-making process

2010: Virtualization of map services for enterprise applications

Education projects

2017-2021: Research infrastructure for young scientists (EU project, OPVVV)

2015: Development of laboratories for independent creative activity of students and employees of FBE MENDELU

2008: Classroom software for students specializing in computer graphics and GIS

2008: Development of laboratories for teaching geographic information technologies

2007: Integration of mobile geographic information technologies for teaching at FBE MENDELU

2006: Integration of geodata for teaching support at FBE MENDELU in Brno

2006: Virtual reality laboratory – the birth of Spatial Hub

Recent Publications with Impact Factor

STOJANOV, R.; KLVAŇOVÁ, R.; SEIDLOVÁ, A.; BUREŠ, O. (2022): Contemporary Czech Migration Policy: ‘Labour, Not People’?. Population Space and Place, 28(4): e2533, (IF2020 = 3.814, Quartile 1)

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BUREŠ, O.; STOJANOV, R. (2022): Securitization of Immigration in the Czech Republic and Its Impact on the Czech Migration Policy: Experts’ Perceptions. Problems of Post-Communism, (IF2020 = 2.127, Quartile 2)

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