Thesis & Hackathons

Thinking about Ph.D. thesis?

We will be happy to supervise a thesis within our domains: computer sciences and social sciences. Here are some examples of Ph.D. theses that are currently supervised by our researchers.

Obtaining information from normative texts through natural language-based interfaces

What if the chatbot can find appropriate information automatically in formal documents like study regulations or insurance policies? Without training for specific questions.

New methods of interaction with digital information in augmented reality

Interaction with digital information in AR can be challenging. Especially with long list, noisy industrial environment etc. How can improve the interaction? Especially using common mobile devices?

Processing of spatial terms in unstructured text

Asking chatbot for some information regarding Washington and he is constantly returning information about Washington, D.C.? Annoying, isn’t it? What if the chatbot can understand the spatial context of your queries.

Use of natural language analysis for improved communication tools for business intelligence

Business Intelligence apps are the utmost important tools for decision making of any manager. However, they can be quite complex for untrained people. What if you can just ask for data using natural language?

Computer Sciences

In the area of computer sciences, we focus primarily on mobile technologies including location-based services, advanced visualisation like AR&VR and natural language processing.

As for bachelor and master thesis, we try to supervise a thesis primarily for the students attending our courses and specialisations. Every year, we also look for students with excellent results interested in working beyond their duties on our projects.

If you are interested, you can contact David Procházka or any particular senior researcher.

Social Sciences

We are also ready to a lead thesis in the field of social sciences, including economics, population migration, climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, economic geography, etc. If you are interested in these topics please feel free to contact Robert Stojanov.

Courses are just a starting point!

Teaching is just a start for us, not the end. If you have good results and are interested in these areas, do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible that we can find a joint project that we can involve you in. Check out the site about our research.

If you are interested in these areas beyond the scope of our training, we recommend visiting our GIS Hackathons. It’s an event for students, academics, business people, and anyone else interested in mobile technologies, GIS, visualization, user interfaces, and many other things related to themes. And maybe you will meet your future employer…

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